Beer tasting across Southern Africa

Here’s the experts review on African brews tasted across the Southern part of the continent. Enjoy and keep on drinking.

Namibia Tafel für wenig Windhoek für viel

NAMIBIA: Remember Frans the farmer (see blog post)? We asked the Southwester, a well experienced beer drinker btw, which of the two he preferred. He said: ‘If I only want a few beers I drink Windhoek. If you want to get drunk choose Tafel.’

Botswana Export I

BOTSWANA: Thank god you can find Windhoek Lager in Botswana and the elephants still live wild.

Zim Zambezi First class in every glass

ZIMBABWE: Zambezi add says it all – world class in a glass.

Zam the one and only Mosi

ZAMBIA: The one and only Mosi. As mighty as the Vic Falls.


MALAWI: Carlsberg green is the same nasty drink as at home. We stuck to KucheKuche.


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