Beer tasting in South Africa

South Africa is not just paradise for every sommelier it’s also heaven on earth for those who love a pint of good beer. Tasting the whole range of different beers in South Africa (over 500!) would be a full time job. Anyone up for paying us to do so? Just joking. We have been payed to travel the world and have made beer tasting to one of our favourite hobbies while doing it. In the past 3 months we have tried as many as our time and health has allowed and are pretty proud to present you the following result:

Our favourite commercially produced beer sold in SA is Windhoek (don’t tell anyone it’s actually Namibian).
Craft beers all have their own taste and depending on the time of day and especially the heat our favourite changes. Jack Black always goes down well and Stellenbrau’s Governor’s Red Lager with its slightly wild undertone of rooibos was a delight as well. Over all we recommend to support the smaller breweries no matter what.
If you talk about refreshing drinks in South Africa never forget the ciders. If it comes to the decision of commercial or craft our choice is very clear: stick to the big names Hunters and Savanna. It’s dry but you can drink it.

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