Sri Lankan brews

Our last beer tasting post takes you back over two months. We guess you are as happy to broaden your knowledge on the world of beers as we are tasting them. We soon found out that Sri Lankan beer is all about “Lion”. They are not mighty and wild animals like in our next destination Africa. The local Lion always comes chilled and in an extra large bottle.


For the hard boys out there you can even choose Lion strong with 8.8%. If you prefer to enjoy your brew we strongly recommend to stick to Lion lager.


On our journey through the island we savoured as many moments as possible with Lion. As beer specialists we herewith announce Lion as Sri Lanka’s No 1 local brew. Nick likes the taste and Eva loves the label.


On special occasions Lions don’t come in large bottles. What better to do  in the country of tea if you don’t have the needed licence? Simply serve it as a cuppa of beer.


For those of you who are not into beer. Check out these refreshing substitutions. King coconut, a fruit shake mixed to your desire, a local Arrack on the rocks or a classic cocktail does the trick too.


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