How much into nature are you really?

This is about an experiment. The question is: How much nature can you take? Guess we all agree that nature is an amazing thing. The word itself makes you think of beautiful flowers, mystic waterfalls and colourful butterflies, doesn’t it? Living on a coconut farm sounds fantastic too, right? Arriving there we realise quite soon that this is not going to be easy.

After hours in the bus the driver drops us in front of the plantage’s gate. We immediately get introduced to a Swiss couple staying on the farm too. How nice to speak some Swiss. After preparing our sleeping place, meaning freeing it from rats and making it look as suitable as it can get, we meet everyone at dinner. Food is mostly grown on the property, totally organic, super vegetarian, almost vegan, extra spicy and big time tasty.

Think of your worst nightmare. Then imagine it comes true and you’ll know how Eva felt this morning. Years ago back in Switzerland she read about a snake coming out of a toilet and ever since it has been the thing she is most frightened of. So here she is in Sri Lanka, lifting the toilet seat up as she sees a snake disappearing. OMG even writing about it makes her wanna scream.
Still in shock but moving on we finally start what we came for: working. We get to work in the vegetable garden, picking out grass and weeds preparing a bed for new seeding. This is where Nick finds himself in danger too: whoom a coconut just crashed next to him. Time for a break.

Our main task today is collecting coconuts. We wander between the hundreds of palmtrees spotting for their heavensent fruit lying on the ground. Some of the palmtrees are in the jungle, which makes the coconut spotting quite tricky. Today we get to see another snake swimming in a big pond. It seams like the toilet snake has friends.

We prepare another bed for seeding in the vegetable garden and then fertilise palmtrees. Back on the field after some heavy rain we meet a third snake. Thank god it’s asleep. Shortly after we get to see how effective the estates Dobermans are as Nick throws a rope in Eva’s direction. Seconds after Eva’s scream they come running. At least we are secure from human intruders.

We continue fertilising coconut trees and watch the tortoises doing some fertilising themselves. After work while enjoying the open air shower we get caught in the middle of the heaviest thunderstorm of our lives. A lightning as close as bursting our ears to deaf makes us run back to our cottage as fast as we can on the muddy path. We are Celebrities – Get us out of here!

We leave.

We know we are nature loving people but realise and accept we are only up to a certain point. We gave ourselves five days to adapt to nature, the rural lifestyle and living with all kinds of animals. We learned a lot from this experiment. We learned about gardening, farming, Sri Lankan culture and cuisine and most importantly we learned a lot about ourselves. We know now how much into nature we really are, how much we can take and how much is enough. Writing this text, sitting in a lovely village by the beach, living in a room with doors and sleeping on a proper bed feels so much better. For the next few days maybe even weeks we will enjoy the touristic places and suck up all infrastructure and industrial influences there are.




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