Iranian street food

When Iranians go out they most probably eat Kabab, something they don’t usually cook at home. Kababs are meat skewers mostly made out of chicken, lamb or if you’re not so lucky mutton. Except for some stews all other traditional Iranian dishes only get served at home. Street food offers a bigger variety.



Breakfast all wrapped up in a naan kind of bread. Eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and fresh herbs such as coriander, onion sprouts and other things we don’t know but they taste delicious. Pure nutrition as breakfast on the go.


Where local naan style bread is made, stuck onto a pillow and baked in the oven. Imagine them freshly cooked and still warm. Mouthwatering? Indeed and it supposably won’t surprise you that every time we buy them there is no chance they make it all the way back home.



A healthy treat you’ll find in every bazar. We seriously got addicted to it. Take the juice of 5 to 6 pomegranates and you will find yourself getting a big time vitamin boost.



Just another thing we will cook as soon as we find ourselves in a proper kitchen: the classic oriental falafel. Meanwhile here is the recipe to make them just like the Iranians do:

Ingredients for 14 falafels:
1 cup of chickpeas
1 onion
Turmeric, salt and pepper

Soak chickpeas over night and drain. Add the chopped onion and turmeric, salt and pepper to taste. Blend until smooth. Shape the mixture by hand into small rounded patties. Slowly deep fry them in a pan of heated oil or if you like it healthier fry them on both sides in some oil, turning once, until golden and crispy.




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