A local thing to do

Friday is no fun day for tourists in Iranian cities. Everything is closed and there is not much to do really. During breakfast at Ahmad’s house we ask him for advice.

The Friday thing to do in Esfahan is to climb one of the two nearby hills. The walk to the top of Sofeh mountain starts in a lovely park where families and groups of friends just hang out for the day having an extended picknick. We don’t get very far quickly. Many people greet and stop us for a chat. Doesn’t matter though, we just wanted to go for a short walk anyway.

What we didn’t know at that point is that we will soon meet three students and end up climbing to the top of the mountain. Luckily we brought some water on the unexpected three hours hike. We are not talking about an easy walk here. The path ended at some point and it seems that the steeper you go up from there the more fun it is. So this is just what you do on Fridays or in our terms Sundays, hang out in a park picknicking or climb the nearest mountain – no matter how. We can only say this much, it’s was hard but good fun. We also met loads of nice people once again and were allowed to camp on the car park next to the cable car, the usual full Iranian hospitality included.




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