From hubblybubblies and hamams

As we mentioned in our previous post hubblybubblies aka waterpipes seem to play a big part in Iranian culture. Kashan, a delightful city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert, turns out to be just the right relaxed place for a deepdive into truly Iranian lifestyle.

Here we are in an atmospheric city with a beautiful and almost stressfree bazaar, architecturally historical houses and the best food we’ve had so far (thank you Maryam for your excellent tips especially in Kashan we got the most out of them). In cities everything shuts down for lunchtime until 5ish pm. The best way to enjoy these breaks is by doing it like a local: have chai, cakes and a hubblybubbly in a teahouse.

In Kashan we find our lovely teahouse in a former hamam. There we meet two very nice Iranian girls enjoying their hubblybubbly next to us. All of a sudden a man (turning out to be a policeman) takes their waterpipe away. We just thought it is not suitable for women on their own to smoke little did we know that it’s actually against the law.

Despite this unfortunate incident we loved the place, loved the bubbles and even decided to get a ‘qalyan’ ourselves. Out of a huge range of pipes we find our favourite and enjoy it the same night in the desert secure from all police.


For all waterpipe lovers at home here are some tips and tricks straight from Iran: mix mint and apple for an extra refreshing taste or put some ice into the water to freshen it all up on hot summer days.


As you can see we spent most of our time in Kashan in hamams. Unfortunately none of them are still working but nowadays they are surrounded by beautiful Persian gardens, host traditional restaurants or museums. We don’t have much more to say about Kashan. Its a beautiful, relaxed and laid-back place where you can soak up Iran’s energy at its best.



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