Our first 100 days


The first 100 days of the presidency of our own lives began with quitting our jobs, packing all our stuff, leaving the country and everything behind us – meaning facing new adventures from 1st of July onwards. For US presidents the period of 100 days is considered a benchmark to measure the early success of their presidency. In our case we think it simply makes sense to review the success of our journey, what we learned until today and how successful our packing was.

We would like to share 3 lessons we have learned so far:

  • First impressions are everything: When traveling, the first impression means a lot especially when it comes to food, guesthouses, people, a place or even a whole country. Over the last 100 days, the places we have enjoyed the most also tended to be the ones that started off on the right foot. Within the first few moments we knew if we liked a place or not – if not we moved on and never regretted.
  • Always say “Yes”: We embrace all invitations, presents and encounters. Whenever local people approach us we say “Yes” (or if not sure “Ok”). This has become a principle of our daily traveling life and has lead us to very interesting conversations, experiences and sometimes just fun.
  • The mystery of a squat toilet: Ok, we are all adults here, so really, have you never asked yourself “How on earth do I use a squat toilet properly?” As westerners it is just weird when there is a dark brownish hole with nothing to sit on and no toilet paper to use. Sure, you just do your business anyway. After loads of discussions on how to face the hole, what if we forgot to bring paper and in general how to flush these scary things we found an explanation by asking google. This friendly indian showed us the whole magic of using a squat in his personal video. We now feel much more comfortable and even prefer squat toilets more than those funny things you still have in Switzerland and England.

Before we left we got loads of advise from our families and friends before. Thank you all for sharing your traveling wisdoms with us – some have turned out to be very useful or in rare cases even lifesaving. We would like to share your excellent advice here. If you ever go on a journey ever so adventurous as ours this might be helpful to you too:

  • Advise we took on and now happy we did: candles with wind protection (aka “Windliechtli” – thank you Mohammad), warm sleeping bags (thank you Mammi and Alex for insisting), spare bulbs (thank you Mohammad again), car towing rope (luckily just needed to help someone out)
  • Advise we did not take on and has not mattered so far: petrol cooker in case there is no gas bottle refill (still have some left but think this will come handy very useful soon), Universalabflussstöpsel (simply don’t know how to translate into English), water pipe for driving through deep rivers, spare v-belt (does not make sense according to our car mechanic of trust), pop-up tent (our bed is way too comfy to leave), water cleaning pump, spare mobile phone
  • Advice we did take on but have not used so far: spare diesel canister, axe, shovel, tire repair set, car wheel key, jumper cable
  • Advise we did not listen to and now regret we have not: none
  • Things no one said and turned out to be very useful: picnic blanket
And still there is something we always have handy: wet wipes.

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