Imagine a place with beaches as crowded as Zurich’s Rentenwiese, a bay with villages as cute and charming as along Lago Maggiore surrounded by rugged peaks as dramatic as the Alps, bureks better than the one’s we know from Langstrasse, and then wrap it up in a Mediterranean climate and squish it into an area two-thirds of the size of Wales and you start to get a picture of Montenegro.

Many tourists have already discovered this country, we noticed this especially in Ulcinj. We could not see the sand on the 12km long beach. Every square meter was packed. We did not spend more time there than necessary, but we will always remember Ulcinj because of Foxy. Not a dog, no, a German in his sixties who lives in the forest shaded carpark just behind the beach. Once upon a time he had similar plans as ours but got stranded and has been stuck ever since.

Unlike Foxy we continue our journey and keep on exploring. Besides the mass of tourists along the coast Montenegro still has its laid back countryside and the stunning Bay of Kotor. Indeed the beauty meter gets close to bursting when you first see this beautiful bay, also known as the Mediterranean’s only fjord.


There are many tobacco fields along the road from Ulcinj to Lake Skadar.




Dolphin-shaped Lake Skadar has its tail and body in Montenegro and its nose in Albania.


Clear waters and floating meadows of waterlilies.

thumb_IMG_8224_1024Lost in the maze of streets in Kotor.


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