How to make the most of your stay in Budapest

Dear friends, here is a short guide how to get the most out of a couple of days in Budapest. If you ever go to this beautiful city just follow the steps below and you will have a balling time.

Vanys to do list

1. Ask a Hungarian friend for her recommendations (or use this list)


2. Stick to the list and visit Szimpla Kert and other outdoor bars on Kazinczy utcathumb_IMG_7308_10243. Climb the hill and explore castle districtthumb_IMG_7309_10244. Plan a jew day: visit Kazinczy Street Synagogue and have dinner at Mazel Tovthumb_IMG_7214_1024 …or have a snack at Ricsi’s (btw our business idea if we ever come back to Wiedikon)
thumb_IMG_7310_10245. Eat as many Lángos as you can and wash them down with local beers or Fröccs

Vanys to do list checked

6. Thank your Hungarian friend for her precious tips that made your stay unique:
“Szeretünk, Vanessa. Thank you for being our tour guide.”


Oh no, what happened here? Nick after just four days in Budapest.


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