Dobrodošli to a country just like ours

Feeling in sLOVEnia is a bit like being at home. Another small country, in the middle of Europe, between the Alps, with beautiful lakes, but: they have Ćevapčići. This is what it feels like driving through Slovenia.

We never planned to visit Slovenia. Coming from Austria the Grossglockner High Alpine Road just led the way and we are ever so grateful. This country was definitely worth the detour on our way to Hungary. Especially its capital Ljubljana has blown our minds. Sadly we did not take too many pictures to show you, just go yourself. 38 degrees made us incapable of doing anything. Local beers, sitting in the shade and our feet in the river helped us survive the scorching heat.

thumb_IMG_7031_1024Grossglockner Road: we didn’t
know so many motor cyclists exist


Last snow to be seen for a while
(2571m Edelweiss Spitze on Grossglockner Road)


Criss-crossing Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia


Lake Bled: an easy jog


The oh-so-delicious Ćevapčići


Peeking in a Ljubljana backyard


Home sweat (38 degrees!) home in a backstreet

thumb_IMG_7056_1024And there we go, exploring The World.

Čau! Der nächste Post folgt wieder auf Deutsch.


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